SSS Blend

A handcrafted fusion of the world’s best spices, SSS blend leaves you wanting more.

The smoky nuances are drawn from Chipotle, Hickory Smoke and Paprika and allow the average home cook to get flavours usually reserved for professional BBQers.

The spicy aspect is a mix of warm heat form the Chipotle and Cayenne Pepper and the Tasmanian Mountain Pepper leave a tingling sensation long after you’ve swallowed. The medley of other peppercorns give some up front kick to wake up the senses.

The sweetness also comes from a range of sources. Anardana is an amazing product which is very popular in Indian cooking. It is made from slow air-dried pomegranate seed giving it a sweet molasses tone with a slight sour backdrop. The other sweetness comes from coconut sugar which is made from the liquid sap of the Coconut palm flower. Unlike cane sugar it is actually nutritious, contains 16 amino acids and has a low glycemic index (GI). All of this means it is suitable for people on most diets including paleo. It also has a high melt and low burn temperature which makes it ideal for grilling.

There are a number of other spices that give SSS its unique flavor profile, including ground roasted wattle seed which adds a nutty chocolate flavour with a slight coffee aroma.

SSS is the result of 3 years of trial and error on the grill. I hope you enjoy it as much as we do.